The evolution and future of the BRICS: Unbundling politics from economics

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Global Finance Journal, ISSN: 1044-0283, Vol: 32, Issue: 0, Page: 1-15

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Figueiredo, Antonio; Shahrokhi, Manuchehr; Cheng, Huifang; Dandapani, Krishnan; Parhizgari, Ali M.; Shachmurove, Yochanan
Elsevier BV; NSUWorks
Economics, Econometrics and Finance; BRICS; Economic growth; Economic development; Political tension; Sustainability; Business
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Under the current global forces, economics muddled with politics is exerting undue pressures on the BRICS countries and is challenging the sustainability of their accord. Unanticipated problems are increasingly inhibiting economic and social prosperity. This paper analyzes the current difficulties that the BRICS are facing, scrutinizes their unique individual economic and political environments, and ventures to anticipate their prospects. Our consensus is that the future prosperity of these countries depends not only on their individual political and economic environments, but also on the major global powers. Furthermore, the current inevitable interconnectivity of politics and economics provides foresight into their future role on the world stage.