Lowe and Beyond: New Directions in Research at the Centenary of The Beneventan Script (1914-2014) II

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2014 marks the centenary of the publication of E. A. Lowe’s The Beneventan Script (1914). As Virginia Brown observed in her study of Lowe's work, this seminal treatment of the distinctive script of southern Italy and the Dalmatian coast “quickly became and remains … the classic reference work for the history of Beneventan; it is still the only biography of any medieval script.” It has remained the indispensible handbook not only for palaeographers, but for religious and cultural historians, classicists, medieval Latinists, and historians of Southern Italy, medicine, theology, liturgy, monasticism, and art whose written sources were copied in this distinctive minuscule.The six papers in the two proposed sessions not only celebrate the legacy of Lowe’s accomplishment, but point to new directions in research on Beneventan sources.Andrew J. M. Irving