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John F. Leatherland; Patrick T.K. Woo
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Veterinary; Agricultural and Biological Sciences; animal parasitic nematodes; aquatic animals; aquatic organisms; cestode infections; fish diseases; helminthoses; helminths; immune system; infections; parasites; parasitoses; protozoal infections; shellfish; trematode infections; zoonoses; nematode infections; animal pathology; animal welfare; cardiovascular diseases; clinical aspects; diagnosis; endocrine diseases; fish culture; fish production; histopathology; immunological diseases; metabolic disorders; neoplasms; nutritional disorders; pathogenesis; physiopathology; poisoning; reproductive disorders; respiratory diseases; toxicity; water pollution; wild animals; aquaculture; amoebic gill disease; disease control; disease prevention; disease resistance; geographical distribution; host parasite relationships; immunity; life cycle; morphology; taxonomy; bacterial diseases; books; classification; disease prevalence; disease surveys; epidemiology; epitheliocystis; genome analysis; genomes; infectious salmon anaemia; mycoses; oncogenic viruses; pasteurellosis; reviews; septicaemia; shellfish diseases; skin diseases; treatment; viral diseases; aquatic invertebrates
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Fish is the principal source of protein for people in many parts of the world, particularly in developing countries. While most fish are caught from nature, aquaculture or fish farming is now making a significant contribution to total fish production. More intensive conditions of aquaculture often result in a higher incidence of fish diseases and disorders. As in the first edition, the focus of this second edition is on protozoan and metazoan parasites that cause disease in fish. Significant changes to this second edition include the addition of 3 new chapters and 4 of the original chapters have new authors. © CAB International 2006. All rights reserved.