Environmental standards in the fruits and vegetables sector of Spain.

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The economics of regulation in agriculture: compliance with public and private standards, Page: 181-195

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Varela-Ortega, C.; Esteve, P.
CABI Publishing; CABI
agricultural policy; costs; environmental legislation; environmental policy; fruit growing; nitrate; pesticides; pollution control; regulations; standards; terms of trade; vegetable growing; water pollution
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This chapter compares costs of compliance with the Nitrates Directive and pesticide regulations across fruit and vegetable farms in parts of Spain. It is argued that compliance with standards might even reduce costs, mainly in highly productive regions where changes in management practices (e.g. introduction of pest management practices) improve efficiency. It is concluded that environmental standards present important challenges to the fruit and vegetables sector in Europe. However, certification schemes could potentially strengthen the competitive position of this sector, largely through better market access, premium prices and possibly cost savings.