Artificial cognition for social human–robot interaction: An implementation

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Artificial Intelligence, ISSN: 0004-3702, Vol: 247, Page: 45-69

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Séverin Lemaignan; Mathieu Warnier; E. Akin Sisbot; Aurélie Clodic; Rachid Alami
Elsevier BV
Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences; Computer Science
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article description
Human–Robot Interaction challenges Artificial Intelligence in many regards: dynamic, partially unknown environments that were not originally designed for robots; a broad variety of situations with rich semantics to understand and interpret; physical interactions with humans that requires fine, low-latency yet socially acceptable control strategies; natural and multi-modal communication which mandates common-sense knowledge and the representation of possibly divergent mental models. This article is an attempt to characterise these challenges and to exhibit a set of key decisional issues that need to be addressed for a cognitive robot to successfully share space and tasks with a human.