The university in a world of digital technologies: Tensions and challenges

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Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ), ISSN: 1441-3582, Vol: 26, Issue: 2, Page: 79-82

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Dang Nguyen
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Economics, Econometrics and Finance; Business, Management and Accounting
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This paper discusses the challenges and tensions in the relationship between the university as a social institution and the world of digital technologies in which it finds itself, from the perspective of an early-career academic in her late 20s. It argues that problems abound in the university's tendency to adopt non-educational digital technologies for educational purposes in the name of student engagement, and that this approach should be avoided. It also argues that, faced with an uncertain future of job automation and gig economy, universities should move away from the ‘work-ready’ graduate model. Instead, it should empower its students with the capacity to flexibly reprogram their skillsets for the changing nature of work, and play an active role in envisioning new (non)work realities by engaging students in the transformation of their education. 该论文从大学 20 年代末期的早期学术人士的角度出发, 讨论了大学作为社会机构发现其本身在与数字技术世界之间的关系中存在的压力与挑战. 该论文认为, 大学趋向于以学生参与的名义, 为了教育的目的, 采纳了非教育性的数字技术, 其中充斥了各种问题, 并认为应该避免采用这种方法. 该论文还认为, 面临工作自动化和零工经济的前途未卜, 大学应该抛弃"做好工作准备"的毕业生培养模式. 反而, 大学应该培养学生能够灵活重新学习掌握技能专长的能力, 以适应工作的变幻莫测, 并通过让学生参与其教育情况的转型变革, 在对新的 (非) 工作现实的设想中发挥积极主动的作用.