Scalable and site specific functionalization of reduced graphene oxide for circuit elements and flexible electronics

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Carbon, ISSN: 0008-6223, Vol: 128, Page: 172-178

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Mahesh Soni; Pawan Kumar; Juhi Pandey; Satinder Kumar Sharma; Ajay Soni
Elsevier BV
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We demonstrate a rapid and facile approach towards scalable patterning of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) for interconnects in flexible electronic applications. We have used controlled UV light exposure for patterning of rGO over spin coated GO film, which has been demonstrated by various patterns of GO-rGO. Optical and conductivity contrast has been supported by spectroscopic data for GO and rGO regions. Electrical conductivity of completely exposed rGO (60 mS/m) is significantly (∼150 times) higher than unexposed GO, which is suggesting effectiveness of rGO for circuit elements and interconnect applications. The tunable GO reduction is used for fabrication of rGO-FET, on flexible substrates, with completely exposed rGO as source/drain/gate electrodes and partially exposed rGO as semiconducting channel. The site specific and large area patterning of GO-rGO is advantageous for its usage in lighter and wearable flexible electronics.