Methods for monitoring signaling molecules in cellular compartments.

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Cell calcium, ISSN: 1532-1991, Vol: 64, Page: 12-19

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Agetsuma, Masakazu; Matsuda, Tomoki; Nagai, Takeharu
Elsevier BV
Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
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Cells, irrespective of whether they are from multicellular or single-celled organisms, must communicate with the external environment through dynamic regulation of their internal metabolism, which are critical for their survival. Fluorescent and bioluminescent proteins, and related genetic engineering technologies, have provided new opportunities to investigate the molecular dynamics of cells and their internal compartments, with high spatio-temporal resolution. In this review article, since there is a sufficient number of previous reviews summarizing the history of their development and the techniques behind them, here we will focus on molecular features or technologies that have the potential to further open novel investigations of cellular and subcellular dynamics.