Generalized Klein–Gordon field equations with octonion space-time (OST) algebra

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Chinese Journal of Physics, ISSN: 0577-9073, Vol: 55, Issue: 2, Page: 432-443

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B. C. Chanyal
Elsevier BV
Physics and Astronomy
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The concept of space-time representation is redefined using the octonion space-time (OST) algebra. In this study, describing the properties of octonions and their possible connection with Euclidean space-times, the internal and external space-time events are represented within the OST algebra. Keeping in mind the octonionic dual-Euclidean space-times, we express the homogeneous field equations which leads to the symmetrical nature of internal and external space-times. We derive the generalized Proca–Maxwell equations for massive-dyons in the case of the OST algebra. Accordingly, we have obtained a new set of octonionic Klein–Gordon potential (KGP) and Klein–Gordon field (KGF) equations for massive dyons from the generalized Proca–Maxwell equations. This formalism demonstrates that the octonionic KGP and KGF equations can be expressed in a single equation and it is equivalent to energy-momentum relation for dyons. As such, we have made an attempt to write the conservation of Noetherian current from the octonionic Klein–Gordon equations.