The knowledge level in cognitive architectures: Current limitations and possible developments

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Cognitive Systems Research, ISSN: 1389-0417, Vol: 48, Page: 39-55

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Antonio Lieto; Christian Lebiere; Alessandro Oltramari
Elsevier BV
Psychology; Neuroscience; Computer Science
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In this paper we identify and characterize an analysis of two problematic aspects affecting the representational level of cognitive architectures (CAs), namely: the limited size and the homogeneous typology of the encoded and processed knowledge. We argue that such aspects may constitute not only a technological problem that, in our opinion, should be addressed in order to build artificial agents able to exhibit intelligent behaviors in general scenarios, but also an epistemological one, since they limit the plausibility of the comparison of the CAs’ knowledge representation and processing mechanisms with those executed by humans in their everyday activities. In the final part of the paper further directions of research will be explored, trying to address current limitations and future challenges.