All-in-focus imaging using average filter-based relative focus measure

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Digital Signal Processing, ISSN: 1051-2004, Vol: 60, Page: 200-210

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Oh-Jin Kwon; Seungcheol Choi; Dukhyun Jang; Hee-Suk Pang
Elsevier BV
Computer Science; Engineering
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Digital images are normally taken by focusing on an object, resulting in defocused background regions. A popular approach to produce an all-in-focus image without defocused regions is to capture several input images at varying focus settings, and then fuse them into an image using offline image processing software. This paper describes an all-in-focus imaging method that can operate on digital cameras. The proposed method consists of an automatic focus-bracketing algorithm that determines at which focuses to capture images and an image-fusion algorithm that computes a high-quality all-in-focus image. While most previous methods use the focus measure calculated independently for each input image, the proposed method calculates the relative focus measure between a pair of input images. We note that a well-focused region in an image shows better contrast, sharpness, and details than the corresponding region that is defocused in another image. Based on the observation that the average filtered version of a well-focused region in an image shows a higher correlation to the corresponding defocused region in another image than the original well-focused version, a new focus measure is proposed. Experimental results of various sample image sequences show the superiority of the proposed measure in terms of both objective and subjective evaluation and the proposed method allows the user to capture all-in-focus images directly on their digital camera without using offline image processing software.