Topoisomerase I inhibition leads to length-dependent gene expression changes in human primary astrocytes.

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Genomics data, ISSN: 2213-5960, Vol: 11, Page: 113-115

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Gokoolparsadh, Akira; Fang, Zhiming; Braidy, Nady; Voineagu, Irina
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Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
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March 26, 2018 | Molecular Systems Biology by Ament, S. A., Pearl, J. R., Cantle, J. P., Bragg, R. M., Skene, P. J., Coffey, S. R., Bergey, D. E., Wheeler, V. C., MacDonald, M. E., Baliga, N. S., Rosinski, J., Hood, L. E., Carroll, J. B., Price, N. D

Introduction Massive changes in gene expression accompany many human diseases, yet we still know relatively little about how specific tra...

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Topoisomerase I is required for the proper expression of long genes (> 100 kb) in mouse and human cortical neurons, including many candidate genes for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) [1]. Given the important role of astrocytes in brain development [2], we investigated whether long genes, including autism susceptibility genes, also require topoisomerase I expression in human primary astrocytes. We carried genome-wide expression profiling of cultured human primary astrocytes following treatment with the topoisomerase I inhibitor Topotecan, using Illumina microarrays. We identified several thousands of differentially expressed genes and confirmed that topoisomerase I inhibition affects gene expression in human primary astrocytes in a length-dependent manner. We also identified over 20 ASD-associated genes that show topoisomerase-dependent gene expression in human primary astrocytes but have not been previously reported as topoisomerase-I-dependent in neurons. The microarray data have been deposited in NCBI GEO ( under accession number GSE90052.