The draft genome of cv. JRO-524 (Navin).

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Genomics data, ISSN: 2213-5960, Vol: 12, Page: 151-154

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Sarkar, Debabrata; Mahato, Ajay Kumar; Satya, Pratik; Kundu, Avijit; Singh, Sangeeta; Jayaswal, Pawan Kumar; Singh, Akshay; Bahadur, Kaushlendra; Pattnaik, Sasmita; Singh, Nisha; Chakraborty, Avrajit; Mandal, Nur Alam; Das, Debajeet; Basu, Tista; Sevanthi, Amitha Mithra; Saha, Dipnarayan; Datta, Subhojit; Kar, Chandan Sourav; Mitra, Jiban; Datta, Karabi; Karmakar, Pran Gobinda; Sharma, Tilak Raj; Mohapatra, Trilochan; Singh, Nagendra Kumar Show More Hide
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Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
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article description
Here, we present the draft genome (377.3 Mbp) of cv. JRO-524 (Navin), which is a leading dark jute variety developed from a cross between African (cv. Sudan Green) and indigenous (cv. JRO-632) types. We predicted from the draft genome a total of 57,087 protein-coding genes with annotated functions. We identified a large number of 1765 disease resistance-like and defense response genes in the jute genome. The annotated genes showed the highest sequence similarities with that of followed by . Seven chromosome-scale genetically anchored pseudomolecules were constructed with a total size of 8.53 Mbp and used for synteny analyses with the cocoa and cotton genomes. Like other plant species, and retrotransposons were the most abundant classes of repeat elements in jute. The raw data of our study are available in SRA database of NCBI with accession number SRX1506532. The genome sequence has been deposited at DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank under the accession LLWS00000000, and the version described in this paper will be the first version (LLWS01000000).