Acute effects of different foam rolling volumes in the interset rest period on maximum repetition performance

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Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal, ISSN: 1013-7025, Vol: 36, Page: 57-62

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Estêvão Rios Monteiro; Andrew Vigotsky; Jakob Škarabot; Amanda Fernandes Brown; Aline Gomes Ferreira de Melo Fiuza; Thiago Matassoli Gomes; Israel Halperin; Jefferson da Silva Novaes
Elsevier BV; Elsevier B.V.
Health Professions; fatigue; massage; self-manual therapy; self-myofascial release; Sports Sciences; Sports Studies
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Foam rolling (FR) is a ubiquitous intervention utilised for the purpose of acutely increasing the range of motion without subsequent decreases in performance. Thus, it is commonly used during the periworkout period—that is, prior to, during, or after an athlete's workout.