Stream VByte : Faster byte-oriented integer compression

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Information Processing Letters, ISSN: 0020-0190, Vol: 130, Page: 1-6

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Daniel Lemire; Nathan Kurz; Christoph Rupp
Elsevier BV
Mathematics; Computer Science
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Arrays of integers are often compressed in search engines. Though there are many ways to compress integers, we are interested in the popular byte-oriented integer compression techniques (e.g., VByte or Google's varint-GB ). Although not known for their speed, they are appealing due to their simplicity and engineering convenience. Amazon's varint-G8IU is one of the fastest byte-oriented compression technique published so far. It makes judicious use of the powerful single-instruction-multiple-data (SIMD) instructions available in commodity processors. To surpass varint-G8IU, we present Stream VByte, a novel byte-oriented compression technique that separates the control stream from the encoded data. Like varint-G8IU, Stream VByte is well suited for SIMD instructions. We show that Stream VByte decoding can be up to twice as fast as varint-G8IU decoding over real data sets. In this sense, Stream VByte establishes new speed records for byte-oriented integer compression, at times exceeding the speed of the memcpy function. On a 3.4 GHz Haswell processor, it decodes more than 4 billion differentially-coded integers per second from RAM to L1 cache.