Upper Albian to Lower Turonian deposits and associated breccias along the Dahar cuestas (southeastern Tunisia): Origin and depositional environments

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Journal of African Earth Sciences, ISSN: 1464-343X, Vol: 135, Page: 140-151

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Mabrouk Krimi; Mohamed Ouaja; Fouad Zargouni
Elsevier BV
Earth and Planetary Sciences
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The carbonate Zebbag Formation of Upper Albian to Lower Turonian age which outcrops along the Dahar cuestas (south eastern Tunisia) includes several breccia intervals. The stratigraphic hierarchy of these breccia levels led to achieving a detailed sequential analysis within a spectrum of depositional environments extending from subtidal to inner to middle ramp settings. Six major transgressive/regressive sequences make up the stacking of the elementary sequences beginning with transgressive and/or storm wave breccias capped by desiccation and/or collapse breccias. The stratigraphic evolutionary history of the breccia facies are interpreted as the result of the interplay between eustatic and tectonic factors. This model is in accord with the tectonic activities common during Upper Albian-Lower Turonian responsible for the sequences onlapping.