Juvenile Takayasu Arteritis: A case report

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Journal of Indian College of Cardiology, ISSN: 1561-8811, Vol: 7, Issue: 1, Page: 28-30

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Narendra Nath Khanna; Rini Pramesti; Santosh Sinha; Emmanuel Auchi Edafe; Peter Dodo Yakubu; Obiora Ajuluchukwu; Suparna Rao
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Takayasu Arteritis (TA) is rare systemic large vessel chronic inflammatory vasculitis affecting the aorta and its main branches. It was first reported by Mikito Takayasu, a Japanese ophthalmologist. Its etiology is still unknown, however, it has been considered to be of autoimmune origin. TA is more common among young women of childbearing age. It is mostly found in Asia. Takayasu arteritis is rare in children.