ZnS quantum dot induced phase transitional changes and enhanced ferroelectric mesophase in QDs/FLC composites

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Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, ISSN: 0022-3697, Vol: 100, Page: 134-142

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T. Vimal; S. Pandey; D. P. Singh; S. K. Gupta; K. Agrahari; R. Manohar; P. Kumbhakar; A. K. Kole
Elsevier BV
Chemistry; Materials Science; Physics and Astronomy
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In the present study, we report the dielectric and electro – optical (E – O) study of ZnS quantum dots (QDs) dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) material. Change in the SmC*- SmA phase transition temperature has been investigated by the thermal study. Width of SmC* phase is found to be slightly increased due to the dispersion of ZnS QDs, which has also been observed in the dielectric and E – O study of composites. Fitting of spontaneous polarization curves on the temperature scale has been done theoretically to obtain the change in SmC*- SmA phase transition temperature. A significant modification in the FLC material parameters (like spontaneous polarization, optical response time, tilt angle and rotational viscosity) has been observed after the dispersion of QDs. These modifications are the consequences of the strong dipolar interaction between the FLC molecule and QDs. Significant fastening of the optical response time for low conc. of QDs dispersed FLC composite shows its utilization in advanced display devices.