The role of decidual NK cells in pregnancies with impaired vascular remodelling.

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Journal of reproductive immunology, ISSN: 1872-7603, Vol: 119, Page: 81-84

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Cartwright, Judith E; James-Allan, Laura; Buckley, Rebecca J; Wallace, Alison E
Elsevier BV
Medicine; Immunology and Microbiology
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review description
The pathologies of the dangerous pregnancy complications pre-eclampsia (PE) and fetal growth restriction (FGR) are established in the first trimester of human pregnancy yet we know little of how this happens. Finely tuned interactions between maternal and placental cells are essential for pregnancy to progress without complications; however, the precise nature of this cross-talk and how it can go wrong are crucial questions that remain to be answered. This review summarises recent studies examining the role played by natural killer cells in regulating normal placentation and remodelling. Their involvement when it is impaired in PE/FGR pregnancies will additionally be discussed.