An analysis of deictic signs in computer interfaces: contributions to the Semiotic Inspection Method

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Journal of Visual Languages & Computing, ISSN: 1045-926X, Vol: 40, Page: 51-64

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Aron Daniel Lopes; Vinicius Carvalho Pereira; Cristiano Maciel
Elsevier BV
Arts and Humanities; Computer Science
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In this paper we discuss the concept of deictic sign as a component of the conceptual framework of Linguistics and Semiotics that can be added to Semiotic Inspection Method (SIM) in case the method is adapted to better approach digital games. Deictic signs should be here understood as signs that stablish an indexical relation with the objects they refer to, thus placing them in terms of space, time and person with a reference to the moment of communication though the interface. This paper analyzes such kind of signs in digital games; to do so, it discusses in detail the deictic aspects that SIM could not inspect when it was applied to the interfaces of the games Ingress, Kinectimals and Just Dance Now. As a result, we show that the category of deictic signs can be added to SIM when this method is adapted to systems that make explicit indexical references.