A method for measuring sulfide toxicity in the nematode .

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MethodsX, ISSN: 2215-0161, Vol: 4, Page: 250-255

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Livshits, Leonid; Gross, Einav
Elsevier BV
Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology; Health Professions
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Cysteine catabolism by gut microbiota produces high levels of sulfide. Excessive sulfide can interfere with colon function, and therefore may be involved in the etiology and risk of relapse of ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease affecting millions of people worldwide. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how cells/animals regulate the detoxification of sulfide generated by bacterial cysteine catabolism in the gut. Here we describe a simple and cost-effective way to explore the mechanism of sulfide toxicity in the nematode (). •A rapid cost-effective method to quantify and study sulfide tolerance in and other free-living nematodes.•A cost effective method to measure the concentration of sulfide in the inverted plate assay.