Mitoepigenome a comprehensive resource for human mitochondrial epigenetic data.

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Mitochondrion, ISSN: 1872-8278, Vol: 42, Page: 54-58

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Ghosh, Sourav; Ranawat, Anop Singh; Tolani, Priya; Scaria, Vinod
Elsevier BV
Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
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Epigenetic modifications in the mitochondrial genome has been an emerging area of interest in the recent years in the field of mitochondrial biology. The renewed interest in the area has been largely fueled by a number of reports in the recent years suggesting the presence of epigenetic modifications in human mitochondrial genome and their associations with exposure to environmental factors and human diseases and or traits. Nevertheless there has been no systematic effort to curate, organize this information to enable cross-comparison between studies and datasets. We compiled 62 datasets from 9 studies on the epigenetic modifications in human mitochondrial genome to create a comprehensive catalog. This catalog is available as a user friendly interface - mitoepigenome, where the data could be searched, browsed or visualized. The resource is available at URL: We hope mitoepigenome would emerge as a central resource for datasets on epigenetic modifications in human mitochondria and would serve as the starting point to understanding the biology of human mitochondrial epigenome.