Novel bioactive imidazole-containing polymeric surfactants as petroleum-collecting and dispersing agents: Synthesis and surface-active properties

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Journal of Molecular Liquids, ISSN: 0167-7322, Vol: 236, Page: 376-384

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Ahmed H. Tantawy; Hany I. Mohamed; Ahmed A. Khalil; Kaouser A. Hebash; Mahmoud Z. Basyouni
Elsevier BV
Materials Science; Physics and Astronomy; Chemistry
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Novel series of imidazole-containing polymers and polymeric surfactants have been synthesized via an efficient procedure. It included copolymerization of 1-vinyl-imidazole (VIM) with lauryl methacrylate (LMA) initiated by benzoyl peroxide and the 1 H NMR spectroscopic data was utilized to estimate the monomer reactivity ratio. Conversion of polymers to surfactants was achieved through quaternization of the imidazole nitrogen with dimethyl sulphate. Spectroscopic techniques were used to elucidate the chemical structures of all synthesized compounds. The surface-active properties of polymeric surfactants beside their activities against various microbes were investigated. In addition, petroleum-collecting and dispersing properties of surfactants in diluted and undiluted form in varying waters were evaluated.