Centrifuge modeling of hydroplaning in submarine slopes

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Ocean Engineering, ISSN: 0029-8018, Vol: 129, Page: 451-458

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Erika Andrea Acosta; Sérgio Tibana; Márcio de Souza Soares de Almeida; Fernando Saboya Jr.
Elsevier BV
Environmental Science; Engineering
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A study of landslides on gentle submarine slopes with varied water content levels is presented here. The simulations were carried out in a beam geotechnical centrifuge submitting the model to an acceleration of 40 times earth's gravity. The simulations aim to determine which parameters influence the occurrence of the hydroplaning phenomenon and if these can be properly simulated in centrifuge physical modeling, since most studies described in the literature have been carried out in an environment of normal earth's gravity. The analyses presented here are based on measurements of total stresses and pore pressure in different points in the model. Besides, video images and parameters such as the densimetric Froude number are also used to assess whether the hydroplaning phenomenon has effectively occurred any of the tests performed.