Numerical studies on added resistance and motions of KVLCC2 in head seas for various ship speeds

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Ocean Engineering, ISSN: 0029-8018, Vol: 140, Page: 466-476

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Mingyu Kim; Olgun Hizir; Osman Turan; Atilla Incecik
Elsevier BV
Environmental Science; Engineering
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In this study, numerical simulations for the prediction of added resistance and ship motions at various ship speeds and wave steepnesses for the KVLCC2 are presented. These are calculated using URANS CFD and 3-D potential methods, both in regular head seas. Numerical analysis is focused on the added resistance and the vertical ship motions for a wide range of wave conditions at stationary, operating and design speeds. Firstly, the characteristics of the CFD and the 3-D potential method are presented. Simulations of various wave conditions at design speed are used as a validation study, and then simulations are carried out at stationary and operating speed. Secondly, unsteady wave patterns and time history results of the added resistance and the ship motions are simulated and analysed at each ship speed using the CFD tool. Finally, the relationship between the added resistance and the vertical ship motions is studied in detail and the non-linearity of the added resistance and ship motions with the varying wave steepness are investigated. Systematic studies of the numerical computations at various ship speeds are conducted as well as the grid convergence tests, to show that the numerical results have a reasonable agreement with the available EFD results.