Synchronization of phase oscillators with coupling mediated by a diffusing substance

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Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, ISSN: 0378-4371, Vol: 470, Page: 236-248

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C. A.S. Batista, J. D. Szezech, A. M. Batista, E. E.N. Macau, R. L. Viana
Elsevier BV
Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy
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article description
We investigate the transition to phase and frequency synchronization in a one-dimensional chain of phase oscillator “cells” where the coupling is mediated by the local concentration of a chemical which can diffuse in the inter-oscillator medium and it is both secreted and absorbed by the oscillator “cells”, influencing their dynamical behavior. This coupling has the advantage of having a tunable parameter which makes it possible to pass continuously from a global (all-to-all) to a local (nearest-neighbor) coupling form. We have verified that synchronous behavior depends on the coupling strength and coupling length.

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