Shell evolution beyond Z = 28 and N = 50: Spectroscopy of 81,82,83,84 Zn

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Physics Letters B, ISSN: 0370-2693, Vol: 773, Page: 492-497

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C. M. Shand; Zs Podolyák; J. A. Tostevin; R. J. Carroll; Z. Patel; P. H. Regan; M. Rudigier; M. Górska; T. Arici; M. L. Cortés; F. Giacoppo; C. Lizarazo; P. Doornenbal; A. Obertelli; H. Baba; S. Chen; T. Isobe; S. Momiyama; T. Motobayashi; H. Otsu; N. Paul; H. Sakurai; C. Santamaria; M. Sasano; Y. Shiga; D. Steppenbeck; S. Takeuchi; R. Taniuchi; T. Uesaka; H. Wang; K. Yoneda; T. Ando; S. Koyama; Y. Kubota; K. Matsui; T. Miyazaki; M. Nagamine; N. Nakatsuka; S. Nishimura; T. Saito; P. A. Söderström; K. Wimmer; J. Wu; G. Authelet; D. Calvet; A. Château; A. Corsi; A. Delbart; J. M. Gheller; A. Giganon; A. Gillibert; V. Lapoux; C. Péron; A. Peyaud; E. C. Pollacco; J. Y. Roussé; F. Nowacki; K. Sieja; R. Lozeva; T. Otsuka; Y. Tsunoda; M. Matsushita; S. Ota; M. Niikura; A. Blazhev; M. Dewald; K. Moschner; F. Browne; A. M. Bruce; C. R. Nobs; L. X. Chung; B. D. Linh; M. Lettmann; C. Louchart; V. Werner; B. Ding; Z. Liu; Zs Dombrádi; Z. Korkulu; Zs Vajta; F. Flavigny; S. Franchoo; A. Gottardo; L. Olivier; I. Stefan; D. Suzuki; K. Hadyńska-Klęk; E. Şahin; A. Jungclaus; V. Vaquero; J. Lee; J. Liu; Z. Y. Xu; C. R. Nita; R. Orlandi; T. Sumikama Show More Hide
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Physics and Astronomy
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article description
We report on the measurement of new low-lying states in the neutron-rich 81,82,83,84 Zn nuclei via in-beam γ -ray spectroscopy. These include the 41+→21+ transition in 82 Zn, the 21+→0g.s.+ and 41+→21+ transitions in 84 Zn, and low-lying states in 81,83 Zn were observed for the first time. The reduced E(21+) energies and increased E(41+)/E(2+1) ratios at N=52, 54 compared to those in 80 Zn attest that the magicity is confined to the neutron number N=50 only. The deduced level schemes are compared to three state-of-the-art shell model calculations and a good agreement is observed with all three calculations. The newly observed 2+ and 4+ levels in 84 Zn suggest the onset of deformation towards heavier Zn isotopes, which has been incorporated by taking into account the upper sdg orbitals in the Ni78-II and the PFSDG-U models.