Pure apraxia of speech due to infarct in premotor cortex.

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Neurologia i neurochirurgia polska, ISSN: 0028-3843, Vol: 51, Issue: 6, Page: 519-524

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Patira, Riddhi; Ciniglia, Lauren; Calvert, Timothy; Altschuler, Eric L
Elsevier BV
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Apraxia of speech (AOS) is now recognized as an articulation disorder distinct from dysarthria and aphasia. Various lesions have been associated with AOS in studies that are limited in precise localization due to variability in size and type of pathology. We present a case of pure AOS in setting of an acute stroke to localize more precisely than ever before the brain area responsible for AOS, dorsal premotor cortex (dPMC). The dPMC is in unique position to plan and coordinate speech production by virtue of its connection with nearby motor cortex harboring corticobulbar tract, supplementary motor area, inferior frontal operculum, and temporo-parietal area via the dorsal stream of dual-stream model of speech processing. The role of dPMC is further supported as part of dorsal stream in the dual-stream model of speech processing as well as controller in the hierarchical state feedback control model.