ScenarioTools – A tool suite for the scenario-based modeling and analysis of reactive systems

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Science of Computer Programming, ISSN: 0167-6423, Vol: 149, Page: 15-27

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Joel Greenyer; Daniel Gritzner; Timo Gutjahr; Florian König; Nils Glade; Assaf Marron; Guy Katz
Elsevier BV
Computer Science
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ScenarioTools is an Eclipse-based tool suite for the scenario-based modeling and analysis of reactive systems. ScenarioTools especially targets the modeling and analysis of systems where the behavior of the components is sensitive to changes in the component structure that can occur at run-time. For example, in a system of communicating cars, the cars' relationships can change due to their movement and influence how cars must interact. The modeling in ScenarioTools is based on the Scenario Modeling Language (SML), an extended variant of Live Sequence Charts (LSCs). For modeling structural changes and conditions, graph transformation rules can be combined with SML. The specifications are executable and can be analyzed by simulation. ScenarioTools further supports a formal synthesis procedure that can find specification inconsistencies or prove the specification's realizability. In this article, we illustrate the features of ScenarioTools by an example and describe its architecture.