Shear strengths of FCC-FCC cube-on-cube interfaces

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Scripta Materialia, ISSN: 1359-6462, Vol: 130, Page: 178-181

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Xuying Liu; Rui Hao; Shimin Mao; Shen J. Dillon
Elsevier BV
Materials Science; Physics and Astronomy
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article description
This work employs in-situ transmission electron microscopy based nanopillar compression of physical vapor deposited multilayers to measure the interfacial shear strengths of model Ag-Pd, Ag-Au, Ag-Ni, Ag-Cu, and Cu-Ni (111) oriented cube-on-cube interfaces. The experimental trends are primarily rationalized by considering the coherency regimes. Coherent interfaces shear via slip transmission across them. Pillars containing semi-coherent interfaces with < 5% atomic misfit deform rather homogeneously. Interfaces exhibiting atomic misfit > 5% shear locally and their interfacial shear strength decreases with increasing misfit.