The PMe 3 -catalyzed addition of enantiomerically pure (−)-MenthylO(Ph)P(O)H to electron-deficient alkenes: an efficient way for the preparation of P -stereogenic compounds

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Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, ISSN: 0957-4166, Vol: 28, Issue: 1, Page: 84-89

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Yuta Saga; Yuka Mino; Shin-ichi Kawaguchi; Daoqing Han; Akiya Ogawa; Li-Biao Han
Elsevier BV
Chemical Engineering; Chemistry
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A variety of P -stereogenic organophosphorus compounds can be readily prepared by stereoretentive addition. The PMe 3 -catalyzed addition of optically active (−)MenthylO(Ph)P(O)H compounds to electron deficient alkenes occur stereospecifically, to produce the corresponding P -stereogenic adducts in high yields. By simply removing the volatiles under vacuum, spectroscopically pure products can be obtained. The present method provides a salt-free clean process for the preparation of P -chiral organophosphorus compounds.