Wear stability of superhydrophobic nano Ni-PTFE electrodeposits

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Wear, ISSN: 0043-1648, Vol: 374, Page: 1-4

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Jason Tam; Zhonghui Jiao; Jonathan Chun Fung Lau; Uwe Erb
Elsevier BV
Physics and Astronomy; Engineering; Materials Science
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Commercialization of superhydrophobic surfaces remains rather limited due to the high costs of many fabrication processes and the poor understanding of the long term stability of their non-wetting properties. In this study, degradation of a recently developed superhydrophobic nanocrystalline Ni-PTFE composite made by electrodeposition was evaluated by a linear abrasion test on SiC abrasive media. For comparison, the same abrasion test was also conducted on a commercially available superhydrophobic spray-on treatment to benchmark the wear performance of the Ni-PTFE composite. Due to the microstructure of the Ni-PTFE composite coating, remarkable non-wetting properties were observed after extensive abrasive wear.