Incidence of Dental Caries in Tube-Fed Children and Tube-fed Children Receiving Oral Feeding Therapy: A Retrospective Analysis

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Morgan, Benjamin P
G-tube; caries; feeding therapy; tube-fed
thesis / dissertation description
Caries profile of tube-fed (TF) children and caries incidence in TF children receiving oral feeding therapy was analyzed. Partial or complete feeding; feeding diagnoses; modified DMF-T/dmf-t at first and last visit; modified DMF-T/dmf-t at first and last dental visits with concurrent oral feeding; recall interval; and treatment methodologies were recorded. Significant differences in caries distribution between 45 partial and 30 completely TF patients was seen at first and last dental visits, p = 0.027 and p = 0.001, respectively. Significant change in caries was noted for 22 patients undergoing concurrent feeding therapy, p = 0.020. Median recall frequency was 6 months and 27 patients had multiple diagnoses. For dental treatment, general anesthetic had 21 occurrences in contrast with 2 sedations and 1 use of nitrous oxide. Partial TF children should be monitored for caries development and TF children undergoing concurrent feeding therapy are at significant risk for caries development.