The Effect of Equilibrating Mounted Dental Stone Casts in Maximum Intercuspation on the Occlusal Harmony of an Indirect Restoration

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Benson, Peter Andrew
Maximum intercuspation; dental stone expansion; cast adjustment; contact area; occlusion
thesis / dissertation description
The purpose of this study was to determine if equilibration of dental stone casts mounted in maximum intercuspation can improve occlusal harmony of a cast gold restoration. A dentoform mounted on an articulator with crown preparation on tooth #19 served as the simulated patient. Dental stone cast replicas were hand articulated in maximum intercuspation, mounted, and allocated for either equilibration or no equilibration. A crown was fabricated and adjusted on each cast set and returned to the dentoform. Vinylpolysiloxane interocclusal records were made and scanned for optical density with contact areas quantified as actual contact and near contact. Non-parametric tests were used to compare near and actual contact areas. Results of this study showed crowns fabricated from non-equilibrated casts had less near and actual occlusal contact than crowns from equilibrated casts (p<0.001). Crowns fabricated from equilibrated casts were nearer to that of the simulated patient. It is concluded from this study that cast equilibration improves occlusal harmony of an indirect restoration fabricated on casts mounted in maximum intercuspation.