Erosion Countermeasures for Eastern Coastline of Korea

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Pae, Woongsuk
erosion; coastline; Korea
thesis / dissertation description
Many coastal areas worldwide have suffered from coastal erosion which has likely been made worse due to rising sea water levels, climate changes, and various manmade reasons. For several years, Wolcheon Beach, in the eastern coastal area of the Republic of Korea has undergone net erosion. Moreover, this problem seems to have been accelerated by a major Samcheok LNG receiving terminal construction project adjacent to Wolcheon Beach. In order to mitigate this problem, countermeasures to preserve the beach need to be investigated. To facilitate this study, a numerical model using the Delft 3D program developed by Deltares in the Netherlands will be introduced to establish the most nature-like model and incorporated countermeasures including submerged breakwaters, beach nourishments, and groins. For this, various input factors in the FLOW (hydrodynamics) and WAVE model of the Delft 3D, and meteorological information including wind, tidal, and wave data will be presented for setup. Also presented is which established countermeasures is the most effective to alleviate beach erosion through model investigation. Additionally, the economic, environmental, and public analysis of the countermeasures will be shown. Finally, this study will be useful for not only scholars who study about beach erosion but also stakeholders who have to consider diverse aspects of a policy decision to ultimately improve conclusion outcomes as proper guidance.