Sediment Profiles and Hydrological Implications Following Hurricane Harvey for Mission River in Texas

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Guidry, Courtney R.
thesis / dissertation description
New and continuing research within recent years has provided volumes of insight into the past, present, and projected states of the Texas coastal region, its ecosystems, climate patterns, and human population. The Mission River in Texas and its surrounding geographic area are an important component to this area of research with regards to its hydrological regime and underlying influences, including potential factors of disturbance such as land use and land cover (LULC), impacts from flooding events, and high-magnitude tropical cyclones. The design of this study consists of two major components: (1) perform sediment/soil core sampling for physical properties with an emphasis on soil texture to determine the agreement with previously-sampled data provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service Soils Database (SSURGO); and (2) infer the environmental factors that have attributed to any changes in soil texture and other physical properties. Changes in the sediment profiles of the Mission River are expected due to the observation of such influences in the geographic area following the previous survey, including LULC alterations from human activity, frequent flooding, and impacts following the recent landfall of Hurricane Harvey in late-August 2017.