An Alignment Scheme for Atomic Force Tomograms of Conductive Filaments in Resistance Switching Devices

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Anderson, Joseph Pierre
Tomography; memristor; resistance switching; image alignment; alignment; atomic force; microscopy
thesis / dissertation description
The search for a memristive device for use in neuromorphic circuits has brought great interest to research regarding resistance switching devices (also known RRAM devices). These devices, which grow metallic filaments through an insulating material, presently have one major drawback: the electrical characteristics (namely on-state resistance) have a high level of variability from device to device which renders them unusable. Much of this variability can conceivably be attributed to the structure of the metallic filaments. This research presents the development of a reliable means of spatially characterizing the filaments using a tomographic technique based on atomic force microscopy, especially focusing on a post-processing software to analyze the microscopy data.