Beauty waves: an artistic representation of ocean waves using Bezier curves

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Faulkner, Jay Allen
Texas A&M University
Ocean; Waves; Simulation; Non-Photorealistic; Fluid; Bezier
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In this thesis, we present a method for computing an artistic representation of ocean waves using Bezier curves. Wave forms are loosely based on procedural wave models and are designed to emulate those found in both art and nature. The wave forms are generated using a slice method which is user defined by structured input, thus providing the artist with full control over crest shape and placement. Wave propagation is obtained by interpolating between defined crest shapes and positions. We also present a method for computing a stylized representation of breaking crests in shallow water. Artists may use our model to create many interesting wave forms, including basic sinusoidal waves and waves with breaking crests that have a rotation that is cyclical in time. The major drawbacks to our solution are that data entry can be tedious and it can be difficult to produce waves that animate with a natural appearance.