An assessment of team teaching methodologies in selected classes at Texas A&M University

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Cummins, Richard Aaron
Texas A&M University
agricultural education.; Major agricultural education.
thesis / dissertation description
The purpose of this study was to examine: 1) differences in students'group task skills after working on a trained or untrained project team; 2) differences in students'group maintenance skills after working on a trained or untrained project team; 3)differences in students'attitudes about group task skills; and 4) differences in students'attitudes about group maintenance skills. A correlational design was used for this study. The procedure for this study followed a pretest-posttest nonequivalent control group design. The sample consisted of students enrolled in a senior seminar class at Texas A&M University during the Spring semester of 1998. The instrument used, the Team Orientation and Behavior Inventory (TOBI), measured students'attitudes and self-perceived skills for working on a team. The TOBI consisted of 56 statements describing various team situations. Responses were based on a seven point Likert-type scale. The study found that team training combined with group assignments may have an impact on students' self-perceived teamwork skills, while group assignments alone have no impact on students'selfperceived teamwork skills. Like other studies, this study found that training has no impact on students'attitudes toward working in a group. The following recommendations for action were based on the findings and conclusions of this study: collegiate curriculum should provide explicit teamwork training in the classroom; students should not be expected to have an innate understanding of teamwork, nor should students be expected to 'pick up" teamwork as a result of group assignments. Second, team training should be provided early in students'collegiate careers in order to facilitate later group assignments and help students fully develop team skills.