Performance comparison of alternative fuzzy control modalities

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House, Corey Dean
Texas A&M University
electrical engineering.; Major electrical engineering.
thesis / dissertation description
Through the medium of computer simulation, this thesis documents thorough performance caparisons of several different fuzzy control schemes, using a standard problem in the literature, the inverted pendulum. In order to have a firm basis for comparison with standard linear control, considerable effort was devoted to implementing a classical linear state-variable feedback (SVF) controller for this problem. An important link between fuzzy control and linear control was obtained by deriving a fuzzy controller which is mathematically equivalent to the linear SVF controller. How the addition of rules affects a control variable in a fuzzy system is also looked at in depth. In addition, this thesis also shows that multidimensional hyper-trapezoidal fuzzy membership functions (IIFMF) can be used in a non-trivial control problem as well as the interpreted application for which the HFMF was developed.