Navigation computation in the smart cockpit

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Lee, Kristopher Alex
Texas A&M University
electrical engineering.; Major electrical engineering.
thesis / dissertation description
This thesis discusses the design and development of a hics. software module responsible for performing various navigation computations in the smart cockpit. The goals of decreased workload and increased situation awareness for the general aviation community are the motivating forces behind this software, the Navigation Module. The smart cockpit environment in which the Navigation Module operates is called the General Aviation Pilot Advisory and Training System (GAPATS) and was developed at Texas A&M University. The architecture of GAPATS is presented briefly followed by the functional requirements and operation of the Navigation Module. Next, an overview of the Navigation Module's software architecture is presented to describe how the object oriented methodology in C++ is used for the data abstraction in the Navigation Module. Other factors affecting the development of the Navigation Module are discussed such as the software development environment including useful tools available to the author. Next, results from pilot evaluations of GAPATS are given, noting where the data relate to the Navigation Module. These results show that the Navigation Module achieves its goal of a reduction in workload with an increase in situation awareness. Finally, recommendations are made that will improve future iterations of the Navigation Module, addressing its areas of weakness such as its database structure and flight planning abilities.