Universal Wireless Event Monitoring System

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Yambem, Lamyanba
wireless sensor; rf inductive coupling; home monitoring; diaper sensor
thesis / dissertation description
In an attempt to provide a more secure and amiable living environment in our homes, there has been constant effort to develop more efficient and suitable intelligent sensor technology for household application. Wireless sensors provide an efficient means of sensing without the need for messy wiring, and are ideally suited for the household environment. Although many sensor products have been developed (e.g. temperature, humidity and smoke), automated detection and reporting of an incidence occurring in places hard to observe or reach, such as wetting of diapers or water seepage under carpets, are still not readily available at low cost. Most of the existing technologies consist of complex design architecture and follow specific communication protocols which can be overkill for many simple household applications. In this thesis, we present a new wireless sensor system which is based on the detection of just the ON or OFF state of a condition. This approach overcomes the need for complex architecture and design, but is still able to achieve the functionality that is required for many household applications such as water leakage, food rotting, diaper wetting etc. and thus can be made available very cheaply. The sensor system consisting of an interrogator and a sensor circuit is implemented using inductive coupling. A passive L-C circuit is used for the sensor design and the system is tested using diaper wetting as an example of a simple household application. The testing results shows that the sensor can detect an ON and OFF condition for sensor and tag separation of 10 cm which is enough for applications like water leakage behind walls and under carpets, diaper wetting, food rotting etc.