Control of a 3DOF Birotor Helicopter Using Robust Control Methods

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Ruiz Brito, Luis A.
birotor helicopter h infinity robust control
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The main topic of this thesis is to exhibit how robust control techniques can be applied to real time systems. Presently, the control techniques used in the industry are very simple even when applied to complex systems; these techniques are intuitive and not necessarily systematic. Moreover, the notion of optimality of robustness is absent. Control design procedures are mostly based on SISO techniques, thus, overlooking the intrinsic multivariable aspect of the design that a MIMO system requires. In this thesis a modern control technique is presented to manipulate a 3DOF birotor helicopter in real time. The objective of this research is to demonstrate the performance of more efficient control algorithms to control these kinds of systems. The robust method proposed in this thesis is an H infinity controller which exhibits robustness to plant model uncertainties, and good disturbance and noise rejection.