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Christian, Joy
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In a recent paper James Owen Weatherall has attempted a simple local-deterministic model for the EPR-Bohm correlation and speculated about why his model fails when my counterexample to Bell's theorem succeeds. Here I bring out the physical, mathematical, and conceptual reasons why his model fails. In particular, I demonstrate why no model based on a tensor representation of the rotation group SU(2) can reproduce the EPR-Bohm correlation. I demonstrate this by calculating the correlation explicitly between measurement results A = +1 or -1 and B = +1 or -1 in a local and deterministic model respecting the spinor representation of SU(2). I conclude by showing how Weatherall's reading of my model is misguided, and bring out a number of misconceptions and unwarranted assumptions in his imitation of my model as it relates to the Bell-CHSH inequalities.

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