On the Galoisian Structure of Heisenberg Indeterminacy Principle

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Page, Julien; Catren, Gabriel
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We revisit Heisenberg indeterminacy principle in the light of the Galois-Grothendieck theory for the case of finite abelian Galois extensions. In this restricted framework, the Galois-Grothendieck duality between finite K-algebras split by a Galois extension L and finite Gal(L:K)-sets can be reformulated as a Pontryagin-like duality between two abelian groups. We then define a Galoisian quantum theory in which the Heisenberg indeterminacy principle between conjugate canonical variables can be understood as a form of Galoisian duality: the larger the group of automorphisms H (a subgroup of G) of the states in a G-set O = G/H, the smaller the ``conjugate'' observable algebra that can be consistently valuated on such states. We then argue that this Galois indeterminacy principle can be understood as a particular case of the Heisenberg indeterminacy principle formulated in terms of the notion of entropic indeterminacy. Finally, we argue that states endowed with a group of automorphisms H can be interpreted as squeezed coherent states, i.e. as states that minimize the Heisenberg indeterminacy relations.