Scientific practice and necessary connections

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Theoria (Spain), ISSN: 0495-4548, Vol: 29, Issue: 1, Page: 29-39

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Andreas Hüttemann
Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea / Universidad del País Vasco
Arts and Humanities
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In this paper I will introduce a problem for at least those Humeans who believe that the future is open. More particularly, I will argue that the following aspect of scientific practice cannot be explained by open-future-Humeanism: There is a distinction between states that we cannot bring about (which are represented in scientific models as nomologically impossible) and states that we merely happen not to bring about. Open-future-Humeanism has no convincing account of this distinction. Therefore it fails to explain why we cannot bring about certain states of affairs, it cannot explain what I call the "recalcitrance of nature".

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