Potentiality and Contradiction in Quantum Mechanics

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Arenhart, Jonas R. B.; Krause, Decio
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Following J.-Y.Béziau in his pioneer work on non-standard interpretations of the traditional square of opposition, we have applied the abstract structure of the square to study the relation of opposition between states in superposition in orthodox quantum mechanics in [1]. Our conclusion was that such states are contraries (i.e. both can be false, but both cannot be true), contradicting previous analyzes that have led to different results, such as those claiming that those states represent contradictory properties (i. e. they must have opposite truth values). In this chapter we bring the issue once again into the center of the stage, but now discussing the metaphysical presuppositions which underlie each kind of analysis and which lead to each kind of result, discussing in particular the idea that superpositions represent potential contradictions. We shall argue that the analysis according to which states in superposition are contrary rather than contradictory is still more plausible.