Deriving General Relativity From String Theory

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Huggett, Nick; Vistarini, Tiziana
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conference paper description
This paper gives an introduction to the conformal symmetry of classical string theory, and explains its role in the derivation of the Einstein field equations - the 'prediction' of gravity in quantum string theory. Quantization breaks the symmetry - the 'conformal anomaly' of the theory - and reimposing it leads (to first order) to the EFEs, and to additional spacetime dimensions: thus conformal symmetry is crucial to understanding the 'emergence' of classical spacetime. Because of the importance of conformal symmetry in these derivations, it is natural to wonder whether it is an independent postulate of quantum string theory, or whether it is compulsory. We review how conformal symmetry arises even if one does not cure the anomaly by the standard means: though explanatorily significant, it is not an independent postulate.