Monadology, Information, and Physics Part 3 (revised): Inertia and Gravity

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Uchii, Soshichi
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In Part 3, I will discuss the problems of inertia and gravity in Leibniz, and present three conjectures: (I) If Leibniz were really ready to insist on relativity, he would have to assert the relativity of inertial motion. (II) In Leibniz’s theories of dynamics and geometry, there was a struggle between his predilection for straight line and his adherence to an optimality principle. (III) Gravity, as well as inertia, can be considered as a universal feature of the world, so that the foundation of both may have a common root. Further, drawing on the results in Part 1 and Part 2, I will argue for the need of a unified interpretation of Leibniz’s metaphysics and dynamics. My three conjectures as regards Leibniz’s possible treatment of inertia and gravity are proposed along a unified interpretation, in terms of my informational reconstruction of Leibniz’s philosophy. Finally, the most important features of the informational interpretation are summarized. The synopsis of the whole paper (Part 1, 2, and 3) is added.