Revisiting the First Postulate of Quantum Mechanics: Invariance and Physically Reality

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de Ronde, Christian; Massri, Cesar
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In this paper we derive a theorem which proves that the physical interpretation implied by the first postulate of quantum mechanics (QM) is inconsistent with the orthodox formalism. In order to expose this inconsistency we will analyze how the concept of ‘physical system’ is built within classical theories through the notion of invariance and explain in what sense a vector in Hilbert space is not capable of fulfilling these same mathematical conditions. Through an analysis of the mathematical formalism we derive a No Dynamical Invariance (NDI) theorem which proves that, contrary to what is claimed in the first postulate, a vector in Hilbert space cannot be interpreted coherently as the state of a physical (quantum) system. We conclude the paper by analyzing the consequences of the NDI theorem with respect to several ongoing debates in QM.